Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TWD: Honey Peach Ice Cream

This is Bella and her mom Teresa. Their family has been visiting us this past week from Florida. Bella will be four in July and I don't think it's ever too early to learn how to make ice cream. I didn't have any trouble convincing her. Good thing this week's TWD recipe happened to be Honey Peach Ice Cream. There she is cooking the peaches and honey.

Then she pureed them. She looks quite the pro, doesn't she? She decided to take a break from making ice cream to play for awhile.

But she came back for a taste test and gave it her approval. We should have chilled the ice cream for a couple of hours in the fridge, or even overnight, but we couldn't wait! So we put it in an ice bath to chill it quickly. Consequently, our ice cream didn't freeze as well as it could have. After we tasted it we put it in the freezer. Here's our finished product:

It was delicious! And Bella is going to make a great baker and cook! I love that Dorie added honey to this recipe.

We have Tommi of Brown Interior to thank for choosing this week's recipe. Mosey on over to her blog and find out what she thought. You can also see the recipe. And if you want to read other opinions, you can visit 300 other bakers!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TWD: Parisian Apple Tartlet

If any one thinks that simple can't be elegant or classy, they've never made or ate this week's TWD recipe. The Parisian Apple Tartlet. Seriously folks. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Four easy steps. That's it. Okay five if you make your own puff pastry. I did not. I used Pepperidge Farms.

Step 1 - Cut a 4 " cirlce of puff pastry
Step 2 - Peel half an apple, cut in four pieces, place on pastry
Step 3 - Sprinkle with brown sugar
Step 4 - Place butter on top and bake

Simple. Elegant. Delicious. My future children will be raised having these as their after school snack. But they make an impressive dessert at a dinner party as well.

Dorie says you can eat it one of two ways. Fold it up in wax paper and pretend you're walking the cobblestoned streets in Paris. Or, put it on a fancy plate. I chose the fancy plate. But I was walking along the Seine in my mind.

Jessica of My Baking Heart chose this week's recipe. Thank you Jessica! I loved it. Go check out her blog and see if she was as happy as I was with her pick. And be sure to check out Dorie's masterpiece. I promise, you won't be disappointed. And click here to meet the other bakers.